NANO DOT Nucleic Acid Analyzer-ND-2800

NANO DOT ND-2800 Nucleic Acid Analyzer operates at three wavelengths: 230nm, 260nm, 280nm. It is specially designed to analyze concentration and purity of nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) and protein. Samples can be measured by dropping them directly onto the lower measurement pedestal without using absorption cell or cuvette. This instrument required no warm-up after start, and is operated simply and quickly with direct display of samples concentration. The concentration range of samples measured by NANO DOT ND-2800 Nucleic Acid Analyzer is 50 times larger than that measured by the general spectrophotometer.


• Common iron and steel
• Require only 0.3 – 2.0 µL samples
• No absorption cells, no cuvettes
• No warm-up
• Rapid measurement speed
• Display the concentration directly
• No dilution required!
• Easy to use
• Light weight, small foot print

Technical Specifications:-


ND-2800 Nucleic Acid Analyzer


260nm, 230nm, 280nm

Path length

1.0 mm, 0.2mm

Sample size

0.3-2.0 µL

Light source

Xenon flash lamp

Absorbance precision

0.002 Abs

Absorbance accuracy


Absorbance range

0.02-80 (10mm equivalent absorbance)

Detection range

10 – 4000 ng / µL (dsDNA)
0.5 mg/ml – 110 mg /ml (BSA)

Measurement time

<5 seconds


24 cm x 22 cm x 14 cm

Net weight

2.35 kg