SLE-BENCHMARK is an Automatic Microprocessor controlled with touch screen Isoperibol Bomb calorimeter used for rapid determination of Gross Calorific Value of solid, food or liquid fuels. It consists of a temperature-controlled water jacket with a built-in water circulating system with chiller.The design is compact with minimum space requirement. The model has automatic water handing system. Special auto stop and auto draining joints are equipped to change the water in the system. The model has been developed as per IS-1350 Part-II, ASTM-D5865 & other relevant DIN, ASTM, BIS and ISO standards.

Application Area

• Electrical power
• Coal Industry
• Papermaking
• Petrochemical
• Cement
• Farming
• Medical Research

Instrument Features

• Automatic Microprocessor controlled Bomb Calorimeter for rapid determination of gross calorific value
• Compact, integrated and bench top Laboratory Model with Touch Screen Facility
• AS PER IS-1350 Part-II, ASTM-D5865 & other relevant DIN, ASTM, BIS and ISO standards
• Advanced small oxygen filling instrument
• Temperature resolution of 0.0001 meeting all international standards
• Dedicated Flexible Software
• Uses 24 bit 500 kilo Samples per Second DAQ System
• Repeatability of the tests is ±10 cal/gm
• Automatic Weight Transfer
• Equipped with USB communication ports for reporting to a printer optionally supplied with the equipment
• RS-232 cable is used to receive sample weights from an analytical balance
• Windows based software for user friendly operation
• Automatic standardization
• Automatic data transfer

Technical Parameters

• Working Principle:-Isoperibol
• Type of bomb: - Removable
• Frequency: 50 Hz
• Power input: < 1.5 Kw
• Standardization based on: Analysis of 1 gm of) benzoic acid
• Temperature Measuring Resolution: 0.0001ºC
• Precision (RSD %): 0.1
• Analysis Time: 6 15 Min
• Working Tem perature: 22-25° C (Environment Controlled Conditions)
• User friendly Software for Automatic Operation
• System Operation: Fully Automatic
• Oxyg en Operating pressure max: 4 Mpa
• Type of Bomb: Removable
• Buck et Filling: Manual
• Water Handling: Automatic
• PC Interface : Ethernet (Optional)
• Aut-oWeight transfer
• Automatic Report Generation & Printing
• Memory in Machine(6400 tests) Extendable
• Heat Capacity (500-10500 cal/gm)
• Equipment Resolution (1 cal/gm)
• Water Pipette : Premeasured