Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber simulates different environmental conditions such as Salt Fog, Salt Spray, Humidity & dryness in order to study the effects that a material will see under real life.


• Polypropylene based ,able to withstand stringent atmospheric conditions.
• Fully-automatic operation with Software & temperature control.
• On-board data logging and trending.
• Adjustable baffle on central fog tower.
• Pneumatic door lift for effortless operation
• Air purging facility to vent out corrosive fumes.
• Proper and easy drain of solution and waste solutions.
• Equipped with Air compressor for unattended continuous running.
• The Readings can be taken from outside without opening the cabinet.
• Equipped with Two fog collectors that collects salt solution from 1.0 to 2.0 ml per hour.

Technical Specifications:-

• Available Capacity(Liters):-110 , 270 , 480 ,680 ,800 ,1000
• Cycles -Salt Fog ,High Humidity ,Dry ,Controlled Humidity ( User Defined )
• Humidity control: 20 - 95 % .Controlled and displayed at the touch screen operator interface.
• Salt Solution : 0.05 % NaCl & 0.35% (NH4)2SO4 having solution acidity (pH) between 5.0 - 5.4
• Data Acquisition: Test data is stored locally on a PC. The data can be transferred to a computer for further analysis over Ethernet.
• Applicable Test: NSS, Acetic acid salt spray test, CASS, Temperature and humidity.
• Control Panel: Microprocessor based.
• Temperature Range: 35°C to 60°C with ± 1°C.
• The specimen can be suspended between 15° and 30 °.
• The exposure zone of the chamber maintained at 35 ± 1.5°C.
• High accuracy spray nozzle to create mist 0.5 ~ 2.5 ml/80cm² per hour.
• Water: Warmed in large internal reservoir and filtered to avoid block-ing the spraying nozzle.