Sulfide Stress Cracking Test

Test Details as per NACE TM0177

NACE recommends the following test methods:

Method A: Tensile Test (Proof Rings)
Method B: Bent Beam Test (3 or 4 Point Bends)
Method C: Standard C Ring Tests
Method D: Standard Double Cantilever Beam (DBC) Test
Solution A – Acidified H2S Aqueous Environment
Solution B - Acidified and Buffered solution having a pH between 3.4 and 3.6 after H2S saturation
Solution A is used in Methods A unless the properties of Solution B are specified. H2S is bubbled through the solution constantly throughout the test period.
Solutions A and/or B, saturated with H2S testing performed at 24º and 90º C.
Time Duration of the Test - 720 hrs for Method A and B.
3 test specimens are put for testing from a single sample.


• Constant load SSC Proof Ring system
• Tensile accuracy: ±2%
• Capability to test 6.40mm specimen & sub size specimen.
• Fitted with test vessel to maintain test solution
• Electronic digital timer controlled by micro switch provided on the assembly.