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Portable PM Monitor

Portable PM Monitor is used to monitor the suspended particulate concentration in the air. It adopts optical scattering technique. This type of product has many advantages, such as fast detection speed, high accuracy, light and small, easy operation, measuring and displaying of 3 channels at the same time. It adopts the method of automatic measurement, improving the work efficiency effectively.

Technical Specifications :-
Modal SLE-PPM105
Outside Dim 200*160*80(Wide*High*Deep)
Display LCD
Weight 1.5kg
Max. Consumption 10W
Power Source DC 16.8V built-in Battery
Size Channels PM1.0 Pm2 Pm10
Flow Rate 2.83L/min (Imported Pump)
Sample Time 0.9999s Selectable
Zero Count <=10min
Location Labels 0.9999
Printer External thermal printer
Detection Range 0.00-10mg/m3
Data Storage 1000
Light Source Laser Diode (3000hours mean time between faulures)
Operating Time 5 hours
Environmental Temperature:-15° Humidity:<85%RH Atmosphere