Velocity Monitor (DVM174)
1 Hand Held Velocity Monitor & Compact
2 Digital pressure cell in place of cumbersome liquid manometer
3 Highly Accurate & Reliable Readings,
4 Carrying Case
5 Measure Velocity as high as 100 m/s

SPECTRO’s Digital Velocity Monitor SLE – DVM174 is designed to determine velocity of air/flue gas in duct / pipe/chimney. In situations where determination of the rate of flow inside a chimney is of interest, this instrument can be used very conveniently to measure the total quantity/volume of emissions.

SPECTRO’s Digital Velocity Monitor SLE – DVM174 is provided with a Digital Pyrometer and Thermocouple for measurement of temperature. A digital pressure cell is incorporated in a hand held unit for the measurement of pressure in mm of H2O directly along with a pitot tube. The pitot tube has been provided with an extendable arm for easy transportation.
1 Stack Temperature Range: Ambient to 600 deg C read on a Digital Pyrometer.
2 Stack Velocity Range: 2 to 1 00 m/sec.
3 Thermocouple: Thermocouple sensor in SS 304 casing, length of insertion: 0.6m with 2m long cable
4 Manometer: Digital with 0-1300mm of H,O range with 0.1mm least count.
5 Pitot Tube: Modified Calibrated S-type pitot tube fabricated from SS 304, 0.6m length with extension of 0.6m.
SLE – DVM174 : Instrument panel consisting of Digital Pyrometer & Digital Manometer, Pitot Tube, Thermocouple, Connecting Pipe, Carrying Case etc.