The increasing general awareness of atmospheric pollution and its hazards to the health and well-being of industrial workers is bound to result in greater stress on accurate, reliable and frequent assessment of work place pollution and worker-exposure. Spectro Handy Sampler SLE-HS153 has been developed to fulfill this critical need.
Special Features
1 Battery operated pump runs for a full shift of 8 hrs.
2 Rechargeable, Maintenance free Battery.
3 Provision for the system to operate off the mains also.
4 Digital Timer to facilitate unattended operation.
Suction Pump Built-in Rotary vane type.
Flow Rate 0 – 3 LPM
Timer 3 digit display in minutes
Running Time 1 – 999 Min.
Delay Time 1 – 99 Min.
Power Supply 230+/-10V AC, 50Hz with Battery charger and Rechargeable Batteries (2AH).
Operation Time 10 hours with full charge, with sampling rate of 1 LPM.
Charge 15 hours or less.
Sampling Train Consisting of 2 nos., 35 ml glass impinges kept in ice tray connected with inert Silicone tubing.