Specially designed to monitor PM & Gaseous pollutants from stack/ chimney emissions.
2 Collection based on wet chemical techniques.
3 Measures total quantity/volume of the emissions
4 Rugged & convenient for sampling with oil free Vacuum Pump assembly.
5 Accommodated in a suitcase for better accessibility.
6 Convenient to use.
Stack Temperature Range Ambient to 600°C read on a Digital Pyrometer.
Stack Velocity Range 3 to 60 m/sec
Thermocouple T/C sensor in SS 304 casing, length of inseration: 1 m with 2 m long cable
Manometer Digital with 0-1300 mm of H2O range
Pitot Tube Calibrated S-type fabricated - SS 304, 1m long
Particulate Sampling 0-60 1pm collection on thimble type filter up to 0.3 micron rating
Gaseous Sampling 0-6 1pm collection in a set of Borosillicate glass impingers.
Rotameter Acrylic body with 2 % FSD accuracy, 0-60 LPM for PM and 0-6 LPM for GAS.
Sampling Probe 1m long SS tube
Filter Holder Filter Holder suitable to hold either cellulose filteration thimble (size 28mm ID x 100 mm long) or glass fibre thimble (size 19mm ID x 90 mm long).
Nozzels A set of 3 nozzles made of SS 304.
Digital Clock 0-60 minutes, 1 second readout with start and stop switches.
Sampling Train Glass Impinger 1 no. 240ml, glass impinger i no. 120ml(silica) glass impinger 2 no. 120 ml (gas)
Vacuum Pump Monoblock Rotary Vane type, oil free, 0.5 HP single phase motor (230V) with More than 50 1pm free flow capacity.