1 Touch Screen Display
2 Solar Powered Outdoor Sensors
3 Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Humidity
4 Wind Speed and Direction
5 Wind Chill/Dew Point
6 12-24 hour weather forecast
7 Expandable: Accepts up to 3 additional sensors
8 Long-range sensors transmit up to 328-feet from the main unit
9 Large LCD touch screen
10 Illuminated with HiGlo electro-luminescent backlight
11 PC compatible (with optional RS-232 serial cable and software, not included)
12 Wall-mount or desktop display options
13 AC Adapter and backup batteries included for base unit (4 x AA)
14 4 x AAA batteries included for BTHR indoor sensor
15 Solar powered remote sensors use 2 x AA batteries for backup (not included)
Included Sensors:
1 Anemometer measures wind speed and direction
2 Self-emptying Rain Gauge measures rainfall
3 Indoor temperature
4 Humidity
5 Barometric Pressure
6 THGR968 measures outdoor temperature and humidity
7 Dimensions: 8.5L x 1.75D x 5.5H (in.)
Parameters Measured:-

• Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Humidity
• Wind Speed and Direction
• Wind Chill/Dew Point
• 12-24 hour weather forecast