Superb SDD
Features and Advantages:-
Elemental Range S(16)-U(92)
Composition range 1ppm to 100 %
Accuracy 0.20wt% (For Homogeneous Samples)
Repeatability RSD<0.05% Au>90%
Resolution Silicon drift detector
Resolution 139+5ev
Sample type Solid, powders, liquid
Elements of interests Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Ru, Rh, W, Os, Ir, etc.
Basic metals Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd, Sn, Pb, etc.
Tube voltage 5KV ~ 50KV
HV unit 0 ~ 50KV Spellman(USA)
Tube current 0μA ~ 1000μA
Camera In built HD Camera
Sample chamber Dimensions 310*280*60(mm)
Test time 30sec ~ 100sec
Instrument dimensions 380*372*362(mm)
Instrument weight 38Kg
Hardware configurations

Peltier cooling Si-Pin semiconductor detector
• The latest Si-pin detector with the resolution 139±5ev.
• The amplifier: The collected signal by detector are amplified

The x-ray source
• X-ray tube with filament current limit: 1mA
• The 50 watts x-ray tube is a consumable part

High Voltage Device • Voltage output limit: 50kV
• The minimum controllable adjustment is 5kV.
• Overvoltage protection function

Multi channel analyzer (MCA) • The collected analog signal is converted to digital signal.
• Maximum channels: 4096
• Equipped with SES processor

Optical path filter module
• It is designed to decrease the interference and lost of the x-ray optical path.
• Integrated collimator and filter module.

Auto load of the calibration curves • Calibration curves can be automatic chose by the program based on the sample type.