Genius 5000 XRF

The Genius XRF series is a higher performance handheld XRF analyzer which incorporates the latest technological developments and has many new features bringing more performance, more power and more analysis.


• Rapid Analysis.
• Higher level of Accuracy and Precision.
• Detection of a wide range of elements:- Mg - U.
• Higher degree of sample positioning with an inbuilt HD camera.
• Fast non-destructive on-site analyzer
• No sample preparation
• High resolution PDA operating Windows CE with Bluetooth communication, personal data handling, email ,GPS facility (optional)
• LCD Touch Screen

Measuring Range: Mg to U Processor & RAM:-CUP:667MHz, RAM:256M,Maximum Storage: 32G ,Standard
Configuration 2G
Analytical Range - ppm~ 99.99%
Test Time 3-30 seconds
Built-in GPS & WiFi Battery Chargeable Lithium battery with capacity of 7800 mAh, 8 hours working, Voltage: 110V~220V
Applicable for Solid,Liquids,
Powder Detector
25mm², SDD
Minimum Detector Resolution 139eV
Excitation Source Target: Ag, High Voltage: 5-40 kv, Tube Current:1-100µA Collimator: - 2(4.0 mm & 2.0mmdiameter
Filter Types 6
Testing Window F12 mm
Operational Environment Humidity =90% Temperature: - -20° C - + 50° C