With the changing times, the standards for mechanical testing are getting stiffer. According to the latest ASTM and IS standards control on speed and rate of loading have been made mandatory. This is possible only with a servo mechanism, which allows computerized input of desired load and extension and a graphical output, rendering the old analogue type manual input machines obsolete. Spectro provides upgradation packages of converting the old analogue type mechanical/hydraulic type machines into digital and servo-controlled mechanisms, saving the user from buying an entirely new machine.


• Windows based user friendly software for conducting Tensile, Compression and Bending Tests.
• Create and define test set-ups and data acquisition.
• Two modes of testing i.e. Load and Displacement which can be set from the control unit.
• Facility to program rate of loading for the machine in both load as well as displacement.
• Plotting of graphs such as
            a) Load v/s Time
            b) Displacement v/s Time
            c) Load v/s Displacement Travel
            d) Stress v/s Strain
            e) Load v/s Extension
            f) Extension v/s Time

We also undertake customized changes in software according to specific user needs.