Spectro is Authorized Distributor of Hercuvan Lab Systems

Hercuvan Lab System distributes laboratories equipments and instruments for research in the Life Sciences industry with a wide selection of laboratory solutions to achieve your research needs. The product range encompasses from general bench-top equipments to microspectrophotometer and thermal cycler which are widely used in life science research applications.

SLE is the authorized distributor of entire product range of Hercuvan Lab Systems .
Product range includes.

• NANO DOT Nucleic Acid Analyzer
• NANO DOT Microspectrophotometer
• Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler
• Programmable Orbital Shaker
• Microplate Shaker
• Microplate Centrifuge
• Mini Dry Bath Incubator
• Dry Bath Incubator
• Thermo Shaker Incubator
• Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer
• Smart Mixer
• Biological Indicator Incubator
• Microplate Incubator
• Thermo Shaking Incubator
• 96 Well Sample Concentrator
• Sample Concentrator
• Visible Sample Concentrator