Spectro is Authorized Distributor of RheoSense Inc

RheoSense is the inventor and marketer of Ease-of-use MEMS/Microfluidic viscometers that offers unprecedented benefits to bio-pharmaceutical, inks, chemical, oil, and other industries. Benefits include a small sample volume, high shear rates in addition to the high accuracy and repeatability. m-VROC is the market leader in small sample volume protein therapeutics development and employed by many of top 25 bio-pharmaceutical companies.

Microfluidic devices offer several advantages compared to conventional viscometers and rheometers:

• They only require a small sample volumes of fluid.
• They can impose high deformation rates without entering strongly inertial flow regimes.
• They completely enclose the fluid which prevents evaporation.
• They can be used as a simple flow-through device.

The product range includes.

1) µVISC - microVISC
2) m-VROC