Spectro is Authorized Distributor of X-ray Associates

X-ray Associates is part of the Spectrolab, UK who have a wide manufacturing & marketing unit of scientific instruments and systems around the world. Spectrolab specializes in Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, Atomic Absorption, Flame photometers, GC, FTIR & FTNIR, SEM microscopy plus a lot more

Spectro Lab Equipment’ is the authorized dealer for their range of XRF & XRD Instruments

XRF Range includes hand held, desk top, QA, research, WDXRF, transmission and special low cost instruments for precious metal determination plus detectors and X-ray sources.

For XRD we offer a complete range of systems including portable, desk top and conventional instruments, with a unique range of high speed diffractometers using position sensitive detectors, SAXS and WAXS plus residual stress instrumentation.


• Detectors
• Handheld portable XRF
• S100 desk top EDXRF
• SS11 range
• Sulphur Analyser

Theta - Theta XRD

• TX-2 Desk Top Theta
• TX-5 Theta Theta
• TX-NDT X-ray Residual Stress Analysers