Spectro is an authorized Distributor of Chemtech International

Chemtech International is a global company which deals in material handling and packaging of automotive and industrial businesses, food processing, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, textiles, electronics and semi-conductors.

They deal with

• Bio-chemical engineered microbiological products which are used in industrial, municipal and domestic wastewater treatment./br> • Sherwood brand chlorine valves and accessories, chlorine gas leak detectors & analyzers and chlorine gas emergency kits A & B.
• Water analysis test kits & instruments for water quality analysis
• OdorGone & Histosol products: all natural, biodegradable, non-chemical, non-toxic for odor control in air and wastewater.
• Spill containment Berms & Secondary containment & safety related systems used for chemical spill containment, storage, handling and shipment of toxic & hazardous chemicals or wastes, emergency kits A and B for chlorine, sulfur dioxide and ammonia gas cylinder and ton containers.

Spectro is an authorized distributor of Chemtech International products.
We commit to serve the best innovative measurement solutions developed by our channel partner.