SLE- SMART Bomb Calorimeter is manually controlled Oxygen Calorimeter for rapid determination of gross calorific value. It is a Compact, integrated and bench top Laboratory Model with Digital Display Facility designed as per IS-1350 Part-II & other relevant DIN, ASTM, BIS and ISO standards. It is suitable for the determination of heat value of petroleum products (Gasoline, jet fuels, diesel oil and fuel oils), which do not contain water, coal, paraffin and other combustible substance.

Application Area

• Electrical power
• Coal Industry
• Papermaking,
• Petrochemical
• Cement
• Farming
• Medical Research

Technical Parameters

• Working Principle:-Isoperibol
• Type of bomb: - Removable
• Operating oxygen pressure:-3-4 Mpa
• Repeatability of the tests is ±25 cal/gm
• Tempreature resolution 0.01 °C
• Working Tempreature: 25±5 °C
• Precision (RSD %): 0.3 %
• Oxygen Filling: - Manual/Automatic (Optional)
• Test per hour: 4 tests/hour
• Cooling water supply: Internal Chilling Unit
• Power Supply: - 220±10 VAC, 50Hz
• Opreation Time: 13-15 minutes
• Jacket Type:- Double Jacket
• Bomb Wash:- Manual • Dimension(Approx): L×W×H, 460×600×450(mm)


Thermal Jacketing A circulating water system driven by a built-in high capacity pump helps to maintain a continuous forced flow around the sides and bottom of the bucket chamber and through the cover as well.
Repeatability of determination The instrument has the capacity of repeatability of determination up to ± 25 K. Cal/Kg between two duplicate determinations of calorific value of standard coal samples.
Water Refrigeration System, With the semi-conductor water refrigeration system, the instrument can automatically determinate the refrigerating capacity and balance the circulation system according to the caloric of previous time. Thus the water temperature can be kept constant, and the influence of environment can be greatly reduced. Perfectly solved the problem that the tests cannot be made continuously after 4-5 tests have been made because the temperature difference between outer bucket water and environment exceeds 1.5°C. There is no need to measure water and adjust water temperature in the whole experiment, thus to make manipulation easy and convenient.
Bomb & Vessel Thick walled (High Pressure) Acid resistant Bomb & Vessel with proper insulation and capable of withstanding high pressure and fit for safely burning samples liberating up to 10000 calories per charge with Oxygen Pressure up to 40 atm.
Gas Filling System The instrument is equipped with a Suitable gas filling arrangements with proper regulator, cylinder and gauges for line/ vessel pressure and all necessary attachments. The gas filling arrangement shall take care of the safety of the combustion vessel.
Additional Accessories:-
Oxygen Filling System
Pellet Press
Accessories for upto 500 Tests (Nichrome Wire, Benzoic Acid Standard, Ignition Thread)