Automatic Proximate Analyzer (TGA)Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer

Proximate Analyzer is to test the content of inner moisture, ash, LOI, and volatile matter in the coal and other materials. The instrument can also automatically calculate Calorific Value and the content of fixed carbon and hydrogen in the samples.

Area of Application

• Electrical power
• Coal
• Commerce inspection
• Environment protection
• Metallurgy
• Papermaking
• Petrochemical
• Earth probe
• Research institute

Model : SLE-GYFX
Furnace temperature
: 0 °C ~ 200 °C (Low temperature furnace)
  0 °C ~ 1000 °C (high temperature furnace)
Temp.controlling precision : ± 5 ° C
Weight of sample : 0.5g ~ 0.7g
Sample number : 11 samples per time
Testing time : about 20 minutes per sample
Airflow rate : 600ml/min (nitrogen), 400ml/min (oxygen)
Sample weight : 45mg~100mg
Power Supply : 100 ~260V, 50/60HZ
Power : ≤2 KW
Dimension : 400mm×510mm×640 mm
Weight : 65Kg

• Uses Thermogravimetry Principle to test upto 11 samples per experiment
• Tests Calorific Value, fixed carbon and hydrogen content of the sample automatically
• Integrated with high precision electronic balance.
• Adapts unique integrated configuration of “three temperature grade, double furnace”
• Time is saved as the instrument simultaneously tests a number of samples.
• Highly accurate results for air-dry basis moisture, ash, and volatile constituent
• Uses advanced heating element and heat preservation materials to ensure furnace stability
• Precise & Quick results with Automatic Data collection, calculation, print, and restoration.
• The instrument is equipped with cold end compensation, over-temperature protection facility.
• Can be interfaced with other instruments as per requirement.