Climatic Test Chamber

• Finds application in Quality testing ,Research Laboratory, Components Testing
• Used to Simulate the temperature & humidity environment
• Programmable controlling with PC connection
• Touch screen input, control easily and conveniently

Technical Specification:-
Model SLE-225A
(Without humidity function)
(Without humidity function)
(Without humidity function)
Internal size(W×D×H) 500×600×750mm
Capacity 225 L
Temperature range

-20℃ ~ +180℃

-40℃ ~ +180℃

-70℃ ~ +180℃

Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity ±2.0℃
Heating rate 3~4℃/min
Cooling rate 1~2℃/min
Humidity range 5% ~ 98%R.H
Humidity fluctuation ±2.0%R.H
Humidity uniformity ±2.0%R.H
Humidity sensor Dry and wet bulb sensor
Water supply Purified water (resistance >500Ω)
Water tanker Built-in water storage tank
Cooling way Air cooling
Heater Nichrome heater
Temperature sensor PT100
Internal materials SUS304 stainless steel
External materials Cold rolled steel plate with electrostatic powder spraying
Observation window Double-layer tempered glass with lamp
Test shelf Stainless shelf with 2 pcs
Test hole Stainless material with 1 pc, diameter is 50mm
Controller PLC controller / touch screen input
Controller size 5.7 inch or 7.0 inch
Controller resolution Temperature value: 0.01℃
Humidity value: 0.01%R.H
Time value: 0.1min
Program setting 120 groups programs
1200 sections for every programs
Max setting time: 999h59min
Max cycle times: 999 times
PC communication RS232 port / USB port(Option)
Protection function Over-load, Over-heat, Over-pressure, Over-current, Short-circuit