Ash Fusion Tester is used to determine ash fusibility at higher temperature under oxidizing/reducing conditions this helps in selecting Coal to be used for Power Generation. SLE-HRD efficiently measures the Initial Deformation Temperature, softening (sphere) temperature, hemispherical temperature, and fluid (flow) temperature of the specimen with the help of high degree resolution camera.

Area of Application:-

• Coal Industry
• Commodity inspection
• Electric power
• Papermaking
• Metallurgy
• Collate industry
• Chemical industry
• Research institution
• Environmental protection.


• Software controlled Automatic operation.
• Conforms to ASTM D 1857-04.
• Collection of Graphics using a high resolution camera
• Automatic Storage & Print Facility
• Can be used to determine reading of up to 4 samples.
• Best Quality Long Life Furnace heating element and heat preservation material
• Designed to work at temperatures up to 1600 ?.
• Determines Fusion temperature, Deformation point (DT), softening point (ST),
hemisphere temperature (HT) and floating temperature (FT) • Dual-layer furnace with advanced temperature keeping materials,
the highest temperature can reach 1800 degree C. • Low Power consumption
• Specially designed chamber to make the perfect sealing for furnace.

Furnace Temperature Range:- 0°C ~ 1550°C
Temperature Controlling Accuracy : - < 5°C
Resolution: - 1°C
Sample Quantity: - 1-5 samples each time
Laboratory Atmosphere: - Power Supply:-
Maximum Power = 5KW

Ash Fusion Tester