SLE- Milestone Bomb Calorimeter is a semi automatic microprocessor controlled with touch Screen Isoperibol Bomb Calorimeter used for rapid determination of Gross Calorific Value of solid, food or liquid fuels. It consist of a temperature controlled water Jacket with a built in Automatic chilling unit.


• Designed to comply with relevant National and International Standards.
• Calorimeter vessel is made of copper, inner & outer vessel is made of stainless steel.
• The equipment can be easily stored by disassembling its parts and stored in a small space.
• Included Accessories:- Sensor to observe temperature change for GCV calculation, Stainless steel Bomb of 316 grade, Motorized
• Stirrer by AC Motor, Firing unit with Digital display , Electrode pole for firing, Crucible (Stainless Steel), Bomb head support, Crucible holder, Tripod stand /p>

Technical Specifications

• Working Principle: Isoperibol
• Jacket Type: Double Jacket
• Temperature Resolution : 0. 01°C
• Precision (% RSD) : 0.2
• Analysis Time : 13-15 min
• Working Temperature : 25±2°C
• System Operation : Semi Automatic
• Oxygen Pressure : 3-4Mpa
• Type of Bo mb : Removable
• Bucket Filling : Automatic
• Water Handing : Internal with Automatic Chilling Unit
• Memo ry : 1000 Test
• Heat Capacity : (500-10000) ca l/gm
• Power Supply: 2 20±10 VAC 50Hz