Coating Thickness Meter/Gauge

Dry film thickness is measured using Coating thickness gauges in the coatings/paints. It provides information about the thickness of various layers of paints/corrosion which is useful for assessing the life of a substrate. It uses the principle of magnetic induction /eddy current for measurement.

SLE provides a range of user friendly coating thickness meters at a cost effective price to meet its client’s specific applications as per National & International Standards. The instrument finds application for measurement of non-magnetic substrates such as aluminum, aluminum alloys, bronze, copper, brass tin and rustproof weak magnetic steels.

Coating Thickness Meter Model sle 6156:-
Technical Specifications:-

• Display:- 4 Digit 10mm LCD
• Thickness Range:- 0 – 1000 Microns / 0 – 40 mil (Switch Selectable)
• Accuracy (Resolution) :-±1~3%n or 2.5µm (0.1(<100 Micron) / 1 (>100 Micron)
• Sensor Type:- Integrated Eddy Current / Magnetic Probe (Auto / Manual Selectable)
• Material Selection :-Auto / Manual
• Min Base Thickness:- 0.3mm
• Min Measuring Area:- 6mm Dia
• Min Radius :-3mm Convex / 50mm Concave
• PC Interface :-RS 232 Output Provided (Cable & Software Optional)
• Accessories :-Carrying case, Two base block, Calibration Foil set
• Power Off :-Auto / Manual
• Aux. Supply:- 4 x 1.5V AAA Size Battery
• Cabinet Size :-125 X 69 X 25mm ABS Plastic