Holiday Detector

Holiday detector is used for the testing & detection pinholes and flaws in insulated coatings on conductive substrates so that the possibility of corrosion can be detected at an early stage & prevented by taking necessary actions. It can be used to test concrete, Pipelines, steel, iron substrates etc for all types of coatings.

SLE Holiday Detector Complies with National & International Standards: ISO, BS, ASTM, NACE, EN14430 etc. The instrument is supplied with carrying case used to electrically locate and fault find in defects of protective coatings

The operation of the instrument is by applying a test voltage to the coating by moving a brush electrode across the surface, the voltage will spark through the coating and where there is either a pinhole or flaw, thereby showing that a defect is there on the coated surface.


• Input :-6 V DC , 4 Amp/hr.
• Output variable (available ranges):-1 kV to 5 Kv, 2 kV to 10 kV, 5 kV to 15 kV
• Alarm :-Visual and Audible
• Protection a) Battery Reverse Polarity b) Input Fuse
• Indicator :-100 micro-amps moving coil meter OR LCD Segment Display.
• Accessories :-Pushing PVC Rod with conducting Phosphor Bronze brush & EHT cable
• Battery Charger:- (6 VDC/ 300mA) Constant current ,On Demand * External Battery set 6 V/ 4 AH
• M.S. Spring electrodes for rolling over the pipes
• Battery eliminator for 230 VAC operation