Surface Roughness Comparator

SLE Surface Roughness Comparator complies to Standard ISO for the measurement of surface roughness .It has been recommended that the surface of blast cleaned steel should be should be graded as Fine, Medium or Coarse & identified as dimpled (shot-blast) or angular (grit-blast) as per ISO 8503.

The Surface Roughness Comparator is Easy to use comparator for observing the different grades that is, Fine-grade profiles equal to segment 1 and up to but excluding segment 2; Medium-grade profiles equal to segment 2 and up to but excluding segment 3; and Coarse-grade profiles equal to segment 3 and up to but excluding segment 4.

SLE Comparator comes with Surface Roughness Comparator (Grit), Surface Roughness Comparator (Shot) & Magnifier & finds its application in Checking roughness of turned, reamed, spark-eroded , damage of parts caused by nicks, dents and scratches, reconditioned ship propeller blades