Testex Tape & Gauge

Testex Tape/Press-O-Film is a simple,easy to use device for measurement of blast-surface profile .Also used to provide exact replica of the blasted surface profile that can be measured using a Snap Gauge. Testex Tape consist of layer of crushable plastic micro foam coated onto a polyester film of uniform thickness for measurement of surface roughness & permanent record collection of the surfaces.

The Snap Gauge is used for the measurement of the surface profile after blasting when taken with Testex Tape / Replica Tape / Press-O-Film & can also be used as a micrometer for checking calibration test pieces and also thickness of flakes of paint.The device Complies with ASTM, NACE and SSPC methods of measurement.

Testex kit comprises two rolls Press-O-Film, Snap gauge and burnishing tool.